IBT Riau Gathering Documentation on Dec, 8 '13
Assalamu'alaikum wr wb
back again with me, junior.riau18

after we(Indonesian Backtrack Team Riau Region) have been met on dec, 8 (sunday afternoon), i'll show to we all our documentation.

on the gathering, we discuss about DNS Server and Web App Attack.
all topics running on localhost .

let's check it out some picture
1. [Image: 1469887_10200344460368847_1884069864_n.jpg]

2. [Image: 1505234_10200344456168742_304171710_n.jpg]

3. [Image: 1476599_10200344454528701_2139759440_n.jpg]

4. [Image: 1463180_10200344462688905_843789636_n.jpg]

5. [Image: 1450352_10200344458648804_1095325421_n.jpg]

above is some our documentation,
all photos not uploaded for some reaseon

thanks for reading or watching this thread

best regards


keep share bro .. nice gathering
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thanks bro Smile

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