Hacker Term - Where it Comes From ? The True Hacker is ?
nice post,, tapi agak mendet2 ane bacanya hehehe
" In the DARK, I can SEE you "

how about bill gates, is he true hacker?
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For me, hacker is the one who able to know how the program works.
and it divided by 5 : white hat(hacker that did hack for a nice reason),black hat(kacker that did hack only for bad reason/crime act),grey hat(both of them),script kiddies(amature hacker that did hack without knowing how it works) ,sucide hacker(did hack but they show their identity to public/for existance)

thats all i got :p
"Why just hack half of the world if you can hack all of it?!"

Hackers are people who love art program .. and hacking is the art to develop and create something that is useful for the modern man and we are part of the modern man ..

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